Special 'night operations' blackened-look Jacobite Highlander - SOLD - by special order only. Approximate manufacture time is around 3 weeks. Hand made diorama may differ from item shown - each is hand made.

Based on our standard Jacobite figure, this hand treated and fully dressed figure has been 'weathered' to give a more faded appearance. Takes about two to four weeks to prepare. Not in stock.


Q: Where can I see Greystones figures on display in the UK?

A: Greystones Collectibles are an approved and authorised supplier to the National Trust for Scotland and Historic Scotland. Both our 1745 figures are sadly not currently stocked by either organisation. We hope they review their decision before we sell out of our limited edition classic 1:6 scale figures. We appointed Treasure Bunker in Glasgow as our exclusive central Scotland retailers - www.treasurebunker.com.

We are honoured to work with such distinguished wonderful retailers. Treasure Bunker is full of military history and very interesting products - call in to see them in person!

Q: How do you get the super realistic look of the figure dressed and posed?
A: This takes time and patience! As each 'figure' is yours to dress as you wish, we suggest you try and keep the clothing and accessories in positions as close to normal human-dress proportions as possible. The Jacobite is quite a challenge as the 'plaid' needs special attention to detail of how it was worn. However, as the Highlanders didn't have a set uniform, you can wrap the plaid in whatever manner you choose, as long as it remains close to how it was usually worn. Refer to our photos - if necessary, unclip the shoulder clasp and re-position. If not planning to rework your pose by much, a little super glue, double sided tape or blue tack helps keep parts and clothing tight. If you really are struggling, send us an email or telephone us, we're here to help you enjoy your Greystones figures to the maximum and are always happy to help.

Q: Do Greystones offer a 'dressing' service?
A: Yes, we do. Let us know if you'd like us to 'prepare' most of the accessories fitted for you (belts etc) and we'll do this before we dispatch your orders. Our charge is a nominal £10.00.

Q: Can I order spare parts? 
A: Each figure is completed with all its components under very strict limited production. To maintain their exclusivity, no 'extra' parts are normally ever produced. However, due to display stock being 'used', we have some spares available. See our Home page for prices. Payment please by using a Paypal account to [email protected]. Stock changes frequently though so there is a chance we may not have everything you need, sorry!

Q: Why are most parts made in Asia?
A: Asia produces the finest 1:6 scale figures in the world. Greystones worked in Asia with exclusive partners to develop each of our 1745 Rebellion figures to the highest possible standard. Final dressing, finishing, QC checks and addition of some specialist packaging, maps etc is still completed by Greystones personally in East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom.

Q: What is the best way to display my figure?
A: We recommend a display cabinet. This will protect against dust and keep small hands safely away from the delicate parts and accessories.

Q: From what historic period will Greystones Collectibles next figures be based?
A: We're offering 'battlefield' versions based on the standard figuresn - hand coloured, dressed and supplied with a small display diorama. We are also producing some special order figures based on the Outlander TV Series character Jamie Fraser which also comes with a display diorama.