‘Private John Chadwick’
Pulteney’s Regiment
1745 Rebellion

    Special 'night operations' blackened-look Jacobite Highlander - SOLD - by special order only. Approximate manufacture time is around 3 weeks. Hand made diorama may differ from item shown - each is hand made.

    Based on our standard Jacobite figure, this hand treated and fully dressed figure has been 'weathered' to give a more faded appearance.

  • Available by special order and comes with a hand made diorama display base, an 'atmospheric' version of our standard Jacobite Highlander figure. Each figure is hand coloured and carefully assembled by hand to create a more authentic representation of what an 18th century soldier would look like after several weeks of tense covert and tactical manoeuvres 'in the field'. Takes about a week to prepare. The figure is fully dressed and for display purposes only.

    Available by special order and comes with a hand made diorama display base, an 'atmospheric' version of our standard British Redcoat figure. This hand finished figure depicts the look and style of British Army soldiers who altered their uniforms to allow for more covert night operations where stealth and remaining undetected was paramount. Each figure is hand coloured and carefully assembled. As this was usually done whilst "in the field", the final look is rough and utilitarian. The figure takes about two weeks to prepare and is fully dressed and ready for display on its hand made diorama base. Each base is unique and will be different from the photographed item but in the same overall style and 'look'.

  • Jacobite Highlander based on the 'Outlander-styled' characters - created by the amazing writer Diana Gabaldon. Available for special order only. usually takes me about two weeks to prepare before dispatch.

    1745 Rebellion

    ‘Private John Chadwick’
    Pulteney’s Regiment
    1745 Rebellion

Greystones 1/6th Military Figures – Limited Edition

2023 SALE NOW ON - check out our latest 'special order' figure prices, available only by special order and normally take two-three weeks to prepare. Standard two 1745 figures prices remain very competitive.


Greystones Collectibles' two 1745 Jacobite Rebellion/Rising 1:6 scale figures now have some 'extra special' versions - all hand finished and with a unique hand made diorama display plinth included. We've adapted each design to offer them fully dressed and finished, ready for display. Our Outlander-style Jacobite is proving very popular. As every diorama plinth is unique, it may be slightly different from shown.

What's more, we have some 'spares' from our parts lists which we are happy to release. To order, simply add up the parts you want and list them attached to a payment via PayPal - remember to include the delivery charge of £6.00 per order. Our PayPal ID is our email address: [email protected] - thank you.

British Redcoat GC11-BR01 - 

     -      Head sculpt £10.00  

-      Hanger sword & scabbard £9.00

-      Leather Belt (for sword and bayonet scabbard) £4.00

-      Brown Bess Musket £14.00 *SORRY - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

-      Bayonet+scabbard £7.00

-      Cartridge box/strap £9.00

-      Goatskin style Knapsack £7.00

-      Water Canteen £8.00

-      Regimental Overcoat (real pockets) £12.00

-      Waistcoat (real pockets) £6.00

-      Shirt £5.00

-      Tri-corner hat £8.00

-      Trousers £6.00

-      Leggings & black straps £8.00

-      Shoes £4.00

Jacobite Highlander GC11-JH01 -

-      Head sculpt - £10.00

-      Hilted Sword & Scabbard £12.00 *SORRY - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

-      Shield (Targe) £9.00

-      Dagger & Scabbard £5.00

-      Flintlock pistol £5.00

-      Powder Horn £3.00

-      Pistol Shot leather bag £2.00

-      Blue Bonnet Hat and white cockade £6.00 *SORRY - CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

-      Provisions Shoulder Satchel £4.00

-      Tartan Plaid & Brooch £16.00

-      Tartan Jacket (real pockets) £14.00

-      Waistcoat (real pockets) £8.00

-      Highland Shirt £5.00

-      Socks & black straps £5.00

-      Buckled Shoes 4.00

Delivery is £6.00 per order.